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President's Message

Over the past few years, the Young Physicians’ section (YPS) has made a significant impact within AAPI and the greater medical community at large.


The first ever Winter Medical Conference (WMC) was designed, developed, and delivered in January 2014. The WMC provides a forum where our physician leaders can network, exchange innovative ideas, and help shape the national dialogue on the future of medicine. The upcoming 3rd annual WMC will take place Martin Luther King Weekend, Friday January 15th – Monday January 18th 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a must attend event with interactive social and clinical content created specifically for our Young Physicians. The outgoing YPS board deserves a lot of recognition for building on the initial vision & making WMC2 an enormous success this past year. My sincerest gratitude to the outgoing YPS President – Kusum Punjabi, Vice President – Anil Yallapragada, Treasurer – Roshan P. Shah, Secretary – Viraj Tirmal, & Convention Chair - Aaditya Desai for their hard work & dedication to advancing our organization.

The past year exemplified how our former and current AAPI YPS family have impacted the national landscape of medicine; whether it was by performing cutting edge surgical procedures, spearheading research projects, leading billion dollar hospital systems, or being sworn in to the highest position a physician could reach as the US Surgeon General. This year we add to our solid foundation by creating an AAPI scientific journal. It will broaden our knowledge on the “top of mind” issues at the forefront of medicine while also giving our members a new platform to publish their research, share practice insights, & analyze unique clinical cases.


Innovative ideas, a national presence, and a surge in momentum have recharged our organization with optimism and energy. I am excited and proud to serve as the new President of the Young Physicians’ Section; a group embodying the next generation of AAPI & the future of healthcare in America.

Rupak Parikh, MD
AAPI YPS President