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AAPI Cardiovascular, Diabetes, & Stroke Focus Theme

AAPI has launched educational networks of renowned thought leaders in the areas of Cardiology, Diabetes, and Stroke to foster education of AAPI physicians in these important areas which heavily impact the Asian Indian community. Networks include Lipids, Hypertension, Interventional Cardiology, CV Imaging, Diabetes, and Stroke. Each network includes Chairs/Co-Chairs & renowned physicians who are considered to be thought leaders, including physicians from Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, etc.... These networks will educate AAPI leadership & member physicians on cutting edge disease & cutting edge intervention. Through these networks, AAPI is excited to showcase the full heights that Asian Indian physicians have reached, elevate educational quality, stimulate the AAPI general physician members, bring further recognition to these renowned physicians, and inspire our young physicians/in-training.
Compelling Statistics on CVD and Diabetes in Asian Indians: Click Here to Read


Chair: Dr. Navin Nanda,
(Cardiovascular, Diabetes, & Stroke Focus Theme)
Distinguished Professor - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Scientific Advisor: Dr. Joseph Chalil

Scientific Advisor: Dr. Narendra Kumar
AAPI Lipid Network
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Co-Chair: Dr. Sanjay Rajagopalan   

AAPI Interventional Network
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Co-Chair: Dr. Samin Sharma

Co-Chair: Dr. Deepak Bhatt

Co-Chair: Dr. Sameer Mehta

Co-Chair: Dr. Samir Kapadia
AAPI CV Imaging Network
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Chair: Dr. Navin Nanda
AAPI Arrhythmias Network
Chair: TBA
AAPI Hypertension Network 
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Chair: TBA
AAPI Heart Failure Network
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Chair: Dr. Mandeep R. Mehra
AAPI Diabetes Network
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Co-Chair: Dr. Sunder Mudaliar

Co-Chair: Dr. Om Ganda

Co-Chair: Dr. Paresh Dandona
AAPI Stroke Network

Chair: Dr. Aneesh Singhal